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During the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, significant changes happened in the gaming market, where many players decided to spend more time. BTC is almost at €13K at the writing of this post. More and more payment providers are starting to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment option. In the long run, we see an upcoming crypto revival and BTC returning to better times.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, most of the biggest gaming companies decided to cut their marketing budgets dramatically. However, smaller companies saw a great opportunity to utilize the idling digital advertising market for a lot cheaper.

Golder Games II

The Golder Games project attracted a lot of attention and enthusiasm from players and investors, but due to financial difficulties and the falling crypto market, the project was put on hold while a strategy was developed to restart it. Golder Games’ main goal is to be less dependent on crypto market trends and to create a broader economy for the Golder Coin (GLDR).

Here is a snapshot of the plan for the immediate future:

  1. Direct token purchase from Coin Bene.
  2. Business development in terms of new partnerships and cooperation with other game development studios.
  3. Expansion of the geographical coverage of Golder Games products.
  4. Refocus on infrastructure/platform development.
  5. Make the Golder Games Platform available to game developers so they could publish their products and earn from them.

More news on restarting, development, and key partnerships — coming soon.

We told you so. When we started Golder Games, our goal was simple: let players make money playing games they love. And we have delivered…in spades!

Take Artem Kolesnikov, for instance (a.k.a. “CryptoZombie”). Mind you, Artem is quite an experienced first-person shooter (he cut his teeth playing Counter-Strike professionally). So it’s no surprise that when he gets into a room on WAR FIELD with you, you’d better be playing your best…and watch your GOLDER!

Artem is becoming quite a legend among WAR FIELD players, especially after posting videos like this one. He recently cashed in his winnings for nearly 15…

This fulfils Golder Games’ promise to literally let players make money playing video games

Golder Games — the creators of WAR FIELD — an exciting first-person shooter video game that lets players win cryptocurrency from opponents — is pleased to announce that its GOLDER Coin (GLDR) is now trading on CoinBene — one of the world’s largest cryptographic assets exchanges. A GLDR/ETH pair is now available for trading, with a second pair coming soon.

A total of 2,571,428,571 GLDR were generated at the end of the Golder Games/WAR FIELD Token Sale Event, which took place during Summer–Autumn of 2018.


With Golder Games, You Don’t Have To Be a Pro to Make Money Playing Video Games

What video game players worth their salt wouldn’t like to make money playing the games they love?

A bold team of forward-thinking developers at Golder Games is making it happen.

The recently-launched Golder Platform features exciting original game content PLUS a cryptocurrency-driven economy that will let you monetise your gaming skills and put real money in your pocket — if you’re good, that is!

Make Money Playing Video Games

The concept is simple: marry high-quality video game content with a cryptographic token called the Golder that can be traded on any currency exchange that handles Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens. Let players stake Golder on their gameplay…

While many were off enjoying the summer holidays, here at Golder Games, we’ve been hard at work on great new things!

You asked for it and, so, we will be offering it: a downloadable DESKTOP VERSION of WAR FIELD will be available soon…with better graphics and more opportunities to win precious GOLDER tokens!

All New Battlegrounds!

The new downloadable desktop version of WAR FIELD will feature a completely new “Oil Valley” battleground. Watch for it. Meanwhile, as Mystery Ship MS Vanguard docks for maintenance and upgrades, WAR FIELD’s online version gets an all new battleground called “Container Land”.

Hunt down…

A small but vocal group are mad, sad, and taking to the internet to vent about the game they say makes their husbands neglect their duties. But science says it may be that women just don’t get it because their brains work differently.

They’re calling themselves “Warfield Widows” and they are protesting the game they say is causing their husbands to disappear into a nightly fog of shoot-outs for money.

“I like the idea of him earning money by playing video games, but it’s like this game has become a second job for him,” writes “Ammy”, who says her husband…

DIRT FIELD: The Demolition Derby for GOLDER

At Golder Games, we are hard at work on exciting new offerings that give players even more chances to win real cryptocurrency.

Check out this sneak-peak at the upcoming downloadable desktop version of WAR FIELD. Same exciting gameplay for GOLDER, but with higher-quality graphics!

Meet Benjamin Tershana — WAR FIELD’s marketing & business development advisor. Benjamin brings more than 22 years of sales, marketing, and development experience to the team. He’s spent 16 years focusing on the games business and has been a major revenue contributor at Electronic Arts, IGN, GameSpy, and many other mobile and social media startups. Currently, he is head of gaming at InMobi — a global mobile marketing platform that helps mobile game developers drive revenue and grow their app user community.

WAR FIELD is proud of its distinguished board of advisors, which includes such industry veterans as Adalberto Bruno

WAR FIELD would not be where it is today were it not for a distinguished board of advisors. That board includes such industry veterans as Adalberto Bruno (Electronic Arts), James Dillon (EA Mobile, Sony PlayStation, Square Enix-Mobile, Orange France Telecom), Tom Frisina (Bally Technologies, Electronic Arts, Imagination Park Entertainment, thatgamecompany), Dylan Sharkey (LinkedIn), Scott Shirley (professional gamer: HALO and Call of Duty), and Benjamin Tershana (Electronic Arts, IGN, GameSpy). They are providing valuable advice on how to develop WAR FIELD and take it big.

To introduce you to them, we present the first in a series of interviews.

Today’s interview…

Golder Games (WAR FIELD)

Golder Games provides a comprehensive blockchain-driven game economy that lets players make money playing exciting video games like WAR FIELD

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