Bitcoin Rise Brings New Opportunities for Gaming Industry

Golder Games (WAR FIELD)
2 min readNov 3, 2020
BTC 13k Eur

During the worldwide COVID-19 crisis, significant changes happened in the gaming market, where many players decided to spend more time. BTC is almost at €13K at the writing of this post. More and more payment providers are starting to accept Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment option. In the long run, we see an upcoming crypto revival and BTC returning to better times.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, most of the biggest gaming companies decided to cut their marketing budgets dramatically. However, smaller companies saw a great opportunity to utilize the idling digital advertising market for a lot cheaper.

As they say, COVID changed everything. Small studios are increasingly challenging industry leaders, attracting huge numbers of players. Meanwhile, the whales of gaming are only starting to realize the missed opportunities.

Currently, we are on our way to reviving the Golder Games project. Although we are working towards relaunching it during a difficult time in the market, we see a huge opportunity to attract a lot of players who not only want to play but also earn cryptocurrency.

During the initial WAR FIELD launch, players earned quite a bit of crypto. While some of them took home upwards of $1.5K’s worth, others made smaller but still exciting amounts that kept them engaged. We tried and tested a new form of play. And we confirmed that the market is interested and ready to accept this kind of gaming.

Golder Games and WAR FIELD experienced difficult times during and after the initial project launch — mostly due to the fall of cryptocurrency prices. We also had to find ways to attract gamers who have never used cryptocurrency.

After analyzing all of the steps we took, we unquestionably see a great opportunity to relaunch the project with stable backing and an improved vision as well as new partners on board.

Despite occasional delays due to COVID-19, we are working on getting all of the necessary resources to cone back online as soon as possible. We hope you will follow and join us!



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