GOLDER Coin Now Trading on CoinBene

Golder Games (WAR FIELD)
2 min readNov 26, 2018

This fulfils Golder Games’ promise to literally let players make money playing video games

Golder Games — the creators of WAR FIELD — an exciting first-person shooter video game that lets players win cryptocurrency from opponents — is pleased to announce that its GOLDER Coin (GLDR) is now trading on CoinBene — one of the world’s largest cryptographic assets exchanges. A GLDR/ETH pair is now available for trading, with a second pair coming soon.

A total of 2,571,428,571 GLDR were generated at the end of the Golder Games/WAR FIELD Token Sale Event, which took place during Summer–Autumn of 2018.

Players of Golder Games stake GLDR on their gameplay. Winners get GLDR from losers.

“The GOLDER Coin’s utility — players need them to play and win more — and scarcity — the final amount has been fixed forever — is as good a guarantee of its value as you’re going to find these days,” says Golder Games CEO Andrius Mironovskis. “With more Golder Games that use GOLDER coming soon, you can expect demand to increase.”


The company’s first offering — WAR FIELD — is already up and running, with thousands of players competing in death matches to win GLDR from each other. More Golder Games are in the works, including a demolition derby called DIRT FIELD, a chess game, and others…all of which will use the Golder Platform to let players win GLDR from each other. Now, GLDR can be traded on CoinBene.

“This fulfils Golder Games’ promise to literally let players make money playing video games,” notes Mironovskis. “From here on out, players will be able to conveniently cash in on their gaming skills using GLDR and CoinBene.”

CoinBene features a secure interface that provides multiple cryptocurrency trading pairs. The exchange offers competitive fees, good customer support, and a user-friendly interface, making it the choice for many new cryptocurrency listings.



Golder Games (WAR FIELD)

Golder Games provides a comprehensive blockchain-driven game economy that lets players make money playing exciting video games like WAR FIELD