Golder Games (WAR FIELD)
3 min readSep 20, 2018

While many were off enjoying the summer holidays, here at Golder Games, we’ve been hard at work on great new things!

You asked for it and, so, we will be offering it: a downloadable DESKTOP VERSION of WAR FIELD will be available soon…with better graphics and more opportunities to win precious GOLDER tokens!

All New Battlegrounds!

The new downloadable desktop version of WAR FIELD will feature a completely new “Oil Valley” battleground. Watch for it. Meanwhile, as Mystery Ship MS Vanguard docks for maintenance and upgrades, WAR FIELD’s online version gets an all new battleground called “Container Land”.

Hunt down and take out the assassins lurking among the dockside containers…before they hunt down you! It’s an intense battle of skill at very close quarters, with few places to camp out or hide and not much room to maneuver. In “Container Land”, it’s kill or be killed.

And, with a new user interface, rankings and bonus GOLDER according to ACHIEVEMENTS, and additional games like DIRT FIELD (a demolition derby) and TANK FIELD (the name says it all) in the pipeline, we are poised to take the gaming world by storm with GOLDER GAMES’ unique combination of great gaming content and the opportunity to make money while playing them!


With only a few weeks left for you to GET THOSE GOLDER at discounted prices, you’d better JOIN THE TOKEN SALE and stock up in advance. After that, GOLDER will be listed on token exchanges and available at market rates.

REMEMBER: The overall supply of GOLDER is strictly limited and will be fixed forever the minute the TOKEN SALE ends.

What Is Driving Investor Interest?

What is driving investor interest in WAR FIELD and GOLDER GAMES?

◆ WAR FIELD is a working product that shows how the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency lets gamers make money playing video games.

◆ WAR FIELD is just the beginning. We are building a scalable economic platform for gamers and stocking it with great content, including an upcoming downloadable version of WAR FIELD and new games like DIRT FIELD and MORE.

◆ The GOLDER coin is an ERC20-compatible Ethereum-based cryptographic token that can be moved between GOLDER GAMES or withdrawn entirely into an ether wallet and sold on crypto exchanges (once the TOKEN SALE ends), which means you can expect it to be increasingly valuable given both its utility and scarcity (the supply will be fixed forever at the end of the TOKEN SALE).

So don’t be left out. Get your GOLDER tokens today.

Join the battle and start winning so you could cash in when those tokens hit the exchanges in October!




Golder Games (WAR FIELD)

Golder Games provides a comprehensive blockchain-driven game economy that lets players make money playing exciting video games like WAR FIELD